Authentically styling YOU to your Best!

This website is dedicated to all of you who love to look your best.
Whether you choose to invest in the high-end or low-end of fashion designs and brands really doesn’t matter.
Or maybe you’d rather create your looks by mixing up the two and adding a bit of thrift/resale/consignment/vintage to your repertoire.
Ultimately, the choice is yours and you should always be proud and confident in your decision making.
Its for those who love fashion/style and feel that its important to reflect in their looks from day to day.
It’s also for men and women who are just looking for a roadmap that will allow them to step out of their comfort zone
and become the person that is confident and true to their inner being.
Lastly, this website is dedicated to my lifelong passion for beauty, fashion, style and the importance of
creating a brand that reflects the best YOU inside and out!

The DRESSCHIC Formula for Style Success!

1. Get excited about YOU!

What are your mornings like when you open your eyes? Are you excited about and anticipate what good things the day will bring? Are you excited about presenting yourself to the world each day? If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you have tackled half the battle in creating your own authentic style. With just a little assistance you will be able to take control and master your style personality in order to create the best look for your lifestyle. If you answered NO. Acknowledging it is half the battle as well. You must first dig deep inside to find and develop an inner confidence that will allow you to answer YES to the above questions. At DressChic keep it cheap we explore and bring out all of the aspects needed to help you create a better YOU!

2. Fashion vs Style?

Fashion is a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people whereas Style is a unique and distinctive manner of expressing the love of that fashion that an individual develops over time. At DRESSCHIC we study both fashion and style. Many times people try their best to follow EVERY fashion trend that hits the streets, magazines, and runways. Fashion changes so frequently that sometimes keeping up can be a bit boring and discouraging. Fashion designers must keep up with changing fashion in order for their companies to prosper. With that being said we DO NOT keep up with fashion “We are Fashion”! However, our unique purpose is assist you in developing and establishing an easier, affordable, and fun roadmap to defining your own unique Authentic Style.

3. Lets Get Dressed!

When I use the term getting dressed I think about the actual process of putting on clothes. Although there are several different style personalities that are expressed by the world, so many people look to others for many of their influences in styling themselves. In my opinion having people that you admire is definitely ok in my book. Although these individuals may be very influential on the fashion front, time and thought should be given to just using them as examples but still learning to develop a unique and authentic style all your own. Our formula for success will help you to create, maintain and overcome any obstacles in ‘getting dressed’ in a manner that is the best suitable for your Authentic Style.

But most of all DRESSCHIC and keep it cheap!
My Style Expression